Why Do You Need A Recruitment CRM? The Ultimate Checklist

What is Recruitment CRM?

1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

2. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

3. Interviewing Software

1. Enterprise

2. Agency

3. Small to Medium Business (SMB)

Recruitment Software Market Share

Benefits Recruitment Software Brings to Your Business

1. Boosted Productivity

2. Automation & Unification

3. Reduced Expenses & Time Waste

4. Data Processing Optimization

5. Improved Interviewing Process

6. Vast Talent Pools & Detailed Candidate Profile

Essential KPIs

1. Market Research & Business Analysis

2. Challenges to Overcome

3. Proper Feature Set

4. Multiple Integrations

5. Mobile Functionality

6. Reliable Software Vendor

Must-Have Features

1. Recruitment Process Management

2. Applicant Management

3. Vacancy Posting

4. Resume Search & Analysis

5. Interview Management

6. Reporting & Analytics

7. Onboarding Guidance

How Can You Make Money from Your Recruitment CRM?

1. Pay Per User

2. Pay Per Hire

3. Pay Per Employee

Need to Build Your Own Recruitment CRM?



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