Nice To Match You: An Ultimate Guide To A Dating Platform Development

How Do Online Dating Services Work?

Market Research of Dating Apps

Benefits of a Dating Platform

1. Saving Time

2. Convenient for Busy People and Introverts

3. Soulmates May Be Nearby

4. Ability to Interact Only with Compatible People

5. Plenty of Slices of the Dating Pie

Essential KPIs for High-End Dating Services

1. Market and Competitor Research, Business Analysis

2. Unique Value Proposition

3. Matching Algorithm

  • Location-Based Matching
  • Computed-Based Matching
  • Preference-Based Matching
  • AI-Based Matching

4. Privacy and Security

  • Make users confirm their accounts via user-preferred channels and verify their profiles via photo verification. The verified pages will display verified status: a small checkmark next to their name for others to trust.
  • Allow people to filter messages automatically or manually, eliminating threats or offensive messages.
  • Make sure users can complain about inappropriate and indecent behavior, and you take action against arising issues.
  • Provide blacklist function.
  • Take measures to protect users’ sensitive data.

5. UI/UX Design

6. Interactivity and Gamification

7. Choose a Software Vendor

Must-Have Features to Create a Dating App

Basic Feature Set

1. Access Control

2. Profile Management

3. In-App Chatting Capability

4. Geolocation

5. Matching Mechanism

6. Explore Profile

7. Integration With Social Networks

8. Settings

9. Push Notifications

Extended Feature Set

1. Profile Promotion

2. Advanced Swipe

3. Unlimited Likes

4. Unlock Mutual Likes

5. No Location Binding

Admin Panel

1. User Management

2. Report Management

3. Financial Management

Ways to Monetize Online Dating Services

1. Premium Version

2. In-App Purchases

3. Freemium

4. In-App Ads

5. Local Partnerships

It Is Indeed High Time to Create a Dating App



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