How To Make Landing Page That Sales: 11 Essentials

What Is a Landing Page?

Advantages of a Landing Page

1. Get Users Interested

2. Build a Strategy for Business Goals

3. Promote Your Products

4. Increase Credibility

5. Grab Leads and Conversions

6. Test Landing Pages

7. Accurate and Direct Service Demonstration

Landing Page vs Homepage

Types of Landing Pages

1. Lead Generation Landing Page

2. Click-Through Landing Page

3. Squeeze Page

4. Sales Page

5. Infomercial

6. Splash Page

7. Viral Landing Pages

8. Microsites

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

1. Be Offer-Oriented

2. Meet Customer Expectations

3. Create Simple Forms

4. Focus on a Specific Audience

5. Collect Specific Information About Prospective Customers

6. Provide Your Specials

7. Make Your Thank You Page

8. Show Your Customers Other Offers

How to Make the Landing Page That Will Make a Profit?

1. Include Only One Proposal

2. Provide a Unique Value Proposition

3. Place Your Call-to-Action Buttons Through the Page

4. Create a Catchy Headline

5. Consider Subheaders That Make Visitors Act

6. Use High-Quality Pictures

7. Explain How You Solve Customer’s Pains

8. Use Simple Design Without Any Distractions

9. Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

10. Call-to-Action is a Must

11. A/B Test Your Landing Page

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