AI in Agriculture: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Business

Stats and Facts

  • Increasing demand for agricultural production owing to the growing population.
  • Widening information management systems as well as new advanced technologies adoption for improving crop productivity.
  • Increasing crop productivity via deep learning techniques integration.
  • Rising initiatives by worldwide governments supporting renovated agricultural techniques adoption.

Ways AI is Transforming Agriculture

  • Disease detection. Preliminary leaf image processing, including its background, incurable part, affected part, helps in identifying pests, recognizing nutritional deficiencies, and much more.
  • Crop readiness identification. Determining green fruits maturity under white or ultraviolet radiation helps farmers create various levels of preparedness depending on crops, fruits, or vegetable categories.
  • Field management. High-definition images from drones or helicopters made during the cultivation period allow mapping fields and identifying areas in which crops require water, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Future of AI in Agriculture



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