8 Ideas On How To Build Your In-App Advertising Strategy

What Is In-App Advertising?

In-App Advertising Market Share

Benefits of In-App Advertising

  • With a wide range of formats, in-app ads can be engaging and provide user-friendly experience without interfering with them
  • In-app advertising invites advertisers to use advanced targeting technologies, which means they are willing to pay for those categories of users that are of interest to them
  • Application owners retain control independently choosing advertisers, setting a minimum price, and so on
  • Mobile device owners usually don’t mind watching short videos before being allowed to launch an app or use specific features for free
  • There is no ad blocking within a mobile application as it is on websites. Thus, users cannot disable in-app ads. Of course, there are paid versions without ads. But most people are more attracted by a free version
  • Mobile in-app advertising marketplace allows you to better customize ads based on customer requirements
  • Even if your application loses its position in app stores and your number of new users decreases, you can still effectively monetize with advertising
  • You can improve user experience by offering them view-through rewards or ad engagement

In-App Ad Formats

1. Classic Banner Ad

2. Medium Rectangle

3. Interstitial

4. Native Advertising

5. Pre-Roll Video

6. Rewarded Video

7. Outstream Video

Build Your Own In-App Advertising Strategy



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