6 Tips On How To Turn Your Subscription App Into A Booming Business

How Does the Subscription App Business Model Work?

Subscriptions in Figures

Usage Tokens of Subscription Business Models

1. Membership Website Model

2. Subscription Box

  • Retail boxes. Pre-selected products delivered to users at certain intervals.
  • Mixed boxes. Customers are not initially aware of box maker add-ons to selected products.
  • Mysterious boxes. Buyers do not pick products. They receive stuff related to a particular topic.

3. Netflix-Style Subscription Model

4. The Mastermind Subscription App Model

5. Engagement Model

6. Freemium Model

4 Necessary Advice for Subscription App

1. Determine Your Goals Early

2. Boost Acquisition With Better Experience

3. Easy-To-Use Billing System

4. Develop Strong Customer Relationships

Subscription Pricing Challenges

1. Use Freemium

2. Change Prices

3. Give Your Customers a Choice

Propel Your Business to the Next Level



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