12 Best Apps For Couples: Innovative Ideas On Creating Your Unique Solution


Modern world is viewed as non-romantic because people rather google best apps for couples and find partner through messenger services than start traditional dating. Still, they are not to blame, because technological progress, constantly increasing tempo of life, and lack of free time make them seek a convenient way-out even in romance life sphere.

Creating apps for couples dating, having distant relationship, or being married already is a profitable field to come up with own startup. There exist different app types that can be implemented in diverse vectors. Besides, merges become even more popular on modern market — customers are no longer satisfied with plain dating apps becoming interested in personalization and incorporation of other segments. Here we may find out fitness app for couples, private messaging app for couples, gaming/fun apps for couples, etc. Therefore, innovative ideas have great potential in dating app sphere.

In this post, OpenGeeksLab has listed the best apps for couples as of 2020. Keep on reading to get insights on creating your unique solution.

Top 12 Best Apps for Couples

Dating services are among top wanted categories among customers. According to statistic research, the number of people seeking true love through online/mobile services is constantly growing, e.g. the sphere got around 220 million users attracted in 2019, but this number is supposed to reach 280 million in five years. Thus, the revenue grows as well. Total revenue in online dating segment amounted about 1.958 million dollars in 2019 and is about to grow up to 2.141 million dollars in 2020.

Apps for Developing Relationships

1. Love Nudge

Continuous lack of time and accelerating life tempo turn learning from mistakes into an outdated concept. Modern people try to think ahead and care about mental issues as well as physical health. Thus, there appear many apps for relationship building that promise healthy partnering without excessive time waste.

Love Nudge stands among best dating apps for couples who on the way in their relationships and want to find out more about each other. Love Nudge offers 5 Love Languages to get to know partners better: Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Partners arrange priorities in these five categories and set goals to reach mutual understanding.

Love Nudge is free from any charges and available on Android and iOS platforms.

2. CoupleGame

Beginning any relations people may feel awkward or uncomfortable asking each other about personal stuff. Fortunately, there are many fun apps for couples to break the ice and tune in the right mood.

CoupleGame is one among best dating apps for couples who only begin their relationships. A quiz game helps people get to know each other in diverse spheres. It contains questions on diverse topics from food preferences to intimate details that can be discussed in private chat.

CoupleGame is free available on Android-powered devices only.

3. Merge

Many people living together suffer from disbalance in household. Separate calendars synchronization is time-consuming and tiresome, but there is an app that will do it instead of you.

Merge is one of good apps for couples to synchronize and organize two separate schedules into holistic household. It helps while planning daily activities, creating plans, or dividing household duties. Setting tasks becomes much easier with categorizing, priorities, reminders, and deadlines to get everything settled on time.

Merge is free to download and supports Apple devices only.

4. DateNight

Having long-lasting partnering, it may become difficult to invent a new date idea every time you want surprise your partner.

DateNight stands among best dating apps for couples desiring something extraordinary. It contains a lot of unusual concepts suiting any situation. All ideas are organized into categories according to theme, place or even weather, so customers can pick up a variant perfect in peculiar occasion. Besides, users can create own date ideas and exchange them with other customers.

DateNight is free, though supported by iOS devices only.

Apps for Couples in Distant Relationships

1. Pathshare

Having long-distance relationships always causes additional worries about partner’s security and location. Instead of worrying or attacking partner’s phone with annoying messages, choose Pathshare to stay in picture about sweetheart’s location.

Pathshare uses device’s GPS to ensure tracking or spot person’s real-time location. The app can be used while planning meetings as well because it enables user calculate the exact arrival time based on person’s location. High-level security is guaranteed, as user himself/herself should decide whom to share with and set shared time-period.

Pathshare is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Loklok

Miss your partner but do not want interrupt him/her with call or message? Then LokLok is a perfect solution!

LokLok shows a creative way to remind your partner about some important thing or simply to say ‘Hi!’ in a cute manner. It represents one among top fun apps for couples in long-distance relationships. LokLok replaces device’s lock screen, so you can stick or draw on it without access to phone ‘inner’ functions. Those who do not want change their lock screens, there is a widget version of the application.

Loklok appears among best Android apps for couples having long-distance relationships free downloadable in Google Play.

3. Postagram

Modern technologies make long-distance communication easier with varied apps for relationship building or private messengers. However, some people find it not romantic and dull to communicate only through apps or online services.

Postgaram is a modern answer bringing old-school romance into long-distance partnering. The app allows user choose any picture from Instagram, Facebook, or device’s gallery and make a postcard out of it. Postagram contains additional settings offering color change, decorations, or captions ensuring higher customization level. After a card is ready it is printed and delivered to your beloved. Pretty romantic, isn’t it?

Postagram is free available in AppStore and Google Play. It claims to be only $2 per postcard with delivery charge included.

4. Between

In distant relationships proper communication becomes one of vital needs, thus finding perfect private messaging app for couples plays a big part in healthy relationship building.

Between stands among top chatting apps for couples living far from each other. Like other messengers, it has varied features satisfying communication needs. Users can text, call, send cute stickers, GIFs, or pictures to each other making their conversations more romantic. Besides, Between has in-built calendar and scheduling, so partners always know about each other’s daily activities or important events.

Between does not require any charges and can be downloaded in AppStore or Google Play.

Best Apps for Married Couples

1. Honeydue

Marriage is not only the union of two loving souls but the union of two separate households as well. Thus, money issues inevitably arise and may cause certain misunderstandings in the family. Fortunately, modern technologies offer cost-effective solutions that keep your marriage though and happy.

Honeydue represents best finance app for couples to settle up family budget. It organizes expenses and incomes into clear structure, so both partners can easily manage it. A wide range of useful features including money limits per month, expenses categorizing, money habits tracking, and multi-factor security system keeping user’s data safe. Besides, it has calendar reminders so family members do not have to worry about bills or other regular payments.

Honeydue is free available in both Google Play and AppStore.

2. Lasting

Everything has its ups and downs — marriage is not an exception. To solve family issues people sometimes need a gentle push towards conflict resolution.

Lasting represents the best app for married couples, who want overcome temporary hardships. It performs private counseling available 24/7 within your phone. Lasting is not a simple advisor program, but a customized plan that helps to understand existing problems and provide individual solutions to cope with them. The app has diverse marriage health assessments and sessions on various topics (e.g. conflicts, emotional ties, communication, parental issues, etc.) that can be done individually or together with partner.

Lasting free downloadable on Android or iOS, though full functionality range requires a premium subscription.

3. Raft

Planning daily life becomes more difficult in marriage, as you need perfectly synchronize family routines to be productive and avoid time waste. This may turn time-consuming and non-effective, let alone emergency cases or children issues.

Raft offers an easy way-out with high-level organization and synchronization of partners’ schedules. It is the best app for married couples promising not only advanced shared calendar but opportunities of creating common events, discussing them or customizing with colors, pictures, stickers, or emojis.

Raft is free available on Apple devices only.

4. Winnie

Parental issues are among key responsibilities people get in marriage. The need to make child’s life bright and filled with useful activities usually results in time-management problems and parental fatigue.

Winnie is a solution that changes the perception of parenthood as tiresome routine. It reformates daily life changing it from kid-centric to family-centric, offering interesting common activities. Winnie serves as a base of places worth visiting for families with kids, including parks, amusements, kid-friendly local restaurants/cafes, etc. It also helps in babysitter or nursery search so parents can enjoy some time together without children. Besides, Winnie is a community of parents who communicate, exchange advice, share experiences or organize common events making family life brighter.

Winnie stands among top-rated free apps for couples having children and can be downloaded in AppStore or Google Play.

Find Your Ideal App to Fall in Love With!

We believe our review of best apps for couples was useful! We have enumerated only several most popular examples. There are many more good apps for couples to be discovered. Besides, there is always a need for innovation and exactly your idea can change the look onto the niche. Do not hesitate to contact us! Together we will turn your concept into a product that will enchant customers!

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